R/evolution | Evolution Duology (Paperback)

Product image 1R/evolution | Evolution Duology (Paperback)
Product image 2R/evolution | Evolution Duology (Paperback)

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Includes books one and two of the r/evolution duology!

Summary of R/evolution | Evolution Duology

People are starving.

Biogenetic adaptations are prevalent amongst the privileged—and the poor are being ground to a sharp and dangerous point. This is the near-future US where in the struggle for survival citizens are pushed to the breaking point as relationships start to fracture along the lines of class and race. These are stories of the leaders and the followers, the victims, heroes, and the everyday people caught in history’s wake, chief among them Dr. Ezekiel Carter, a genius in his field who decides to offer genetic reparations to those being left behind. In this world, what will become of the people at the fringes and more than that of humanity itself?

Over a century after being gifted with exceptional genetic adaptations, William Woods still walks the earth, as strong and physically healthy as the day he was born. The country is not so fortunate. Corporations, in the hunt for his elusive genes, have ripped apart communities and twisted laws to try to cash in on his slow aging, and its promise for immortality. Their minions in the government have erased the past to control the future. To preserve his anonymity and, with it, a chance at equality for millions, he’s witnessed the deterioration of personal freedoms, ethical boundaries and basic infrastructure. But some acts he can’t just sit by and watch. In his quest to save people from being hunted down, William happens upon the survivors who will shape his destiny and the world’s fate. Now that those in power have sidelined all progress they can’t profit from, it's up to William, Lillian and us others to wrestle back evolution, lest it become one more product to manufacture cheaply, poorly and for one faction's gain.

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Li
Big ideas, executed well

"If it's only the body that heals, a person goes mad."

Wow. This is the first work that I've read from Tenea D. Johnson and, what a talent. This book goes a mile a minute (seriously, you won't want to put it down) and tackles some BIG ideas. I took notes and underlined a bunch of great lines/passages, but even so I feel like it's one of those books that gives you even more on the second read. The writing is stellar and flows; in fact, I felt at times that I was running and panting to keep up with the plot. I could've read 300 more pages, to fill in the gaps even more between chapters! On the other hand, this book being a quick read made me definitely excited to tackle the next in the Mosaic novel series.

Compelling & feels eerily like a near future

HUGE FAN of this brilliant writer! These are so beautifully written! It feels like a prophetic glimpse of what the future of humanity may look like...The small moments of humor are very rewarding! Though on the shorter side, these works needed to be savored, take your time. There's a lot to digest, this author does not hand hold you, and I'm here for it! The story weaving and language is impeccably well done. Blueprints for better worlds is an excellent Tenea Johnson work as well!

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