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LIT.bath Bundle -The Jane McKeen

Product image 1LIT.bath Bundle -The Jane McKeen
Product image 2LIT.bath Bundle -The Jane McKeen

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The Shelter in Place of 2020 allowed the Sistah Scifi team to lean into and discover new ways to practice self-care. 

One self-care practice we rediscovered was taking an Epsom salt enriched long hot bath. According to Healthline, an hour long hot bath can reduce risk of a heart attack, improve blood sugar control, lower your blood pressure, burn 140 calories and protect you from illness and infection. 

During the bath, we would listen to our favorite audiobook. Audiobooks help improve our moods and outlooks on life. The chance to enjoy a hot bath while listening to an audiobook makes us feel more productive and in control of our time according to BookRiot

We enjoyed our "LIT.bath" self-care ritual  so much, we decided to bundle it as an experience and share it with you. Surprisingly, there are not a lot of audiobook bath bundles focused on Afrofuturism and Black fantasy out there! 

The Jane McKeen bath bundle is inspired by the protagonist of Justina Ireland Dread Nation series. It comes with a Dread Nation audiobook available on, Jane McKeen LIT.bath Soak and Jane McKeen  tea.

The Jane McKeen LIT.bath Soak
The exotic scent of white tea and ginger will create a soothing, zen-like ambience for your LIT.bath experience. This is an all natural product infused with ginger spice and ginger root.  

The Jane McKeen Tea
The Jane McKeen tea is an interesting mix of different cultures. This tea captures this by bringing together a blend of masculine ginger root and feminine rose hips and hibiscus finished with white peony tea to represent Jane's eternal youthful energy. Steep for 3 to 5 mins and enjoy!  Caffeine Level: High 

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