Survivor (Digital Download)

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Know Thy Enemy

They fled from an Earth ravaged by plague and violence, seeking to fulfill their holy mission -- to discover a new home for humanity. But instead of landing in a peace-filled paradise, Earth's Missionaries find themselves caught between two warring civilizations -- the Garkohn and Tehkohn.

And only one of the people from Earth, a young girl and "converted" Missionary named Alanna, has the proper survival training to see through the lies of their Garkohn "hosts," who extend the hand of friendship to the humans only to enslave them. Alanna alone can understand the necessity of becoming one with the Tehkohn "enemy." And, perhaps, she can find a way to release the Missionaries from the deadly bondage into which they have complacently fallen.

Yet even if she succeeds, will Alanna merely be saving them for a still more inescapable doom . . . ?

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Customer Reviews

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Taylore Robertson
survivor review

I loved this book. i want it on the shelf next to the others in the series but i respect all the reasons why Octavia chose to take this one off the shelves. I appreciated the strong female lead and thought a lot of the information on clayarks as well as the patternists in this novel was crucial to understanding the timeline, geographical layout, and tying connections from each book. brilliant all around.

Sophie Pouyanne
Great find

So happy to have been able to find a PDF copy of this rare book.

Kimberly Henderson

Thank you for providing this out of print book to the public

Patternist Completist

I argued with myself about reading this book. Did I want to honor Octavia Butler by skipping this one, and always wonder what it was that made her unhappy with her “star-trek” novel? Or would I read it because if I didn’t my completist heart would never rest? Obviously I read it. I liked it. It isn’t my favorite of the series, which is Wildseed, but for me I was always wondering what the lives of mutes or non-psychics/non-clayarks was like among the far more evolved beings. This book helped fill in a few of the gaps, but not all of them. It isn’t as tethered to the patternist world (for many reasons) as the rest of the books, but I also thought that about clays ark when I read it after Wildseed and Mind of my mind. It just comes at you from another angle. Side note: It did take a bit of work, and googling, to get the PDF on my kindle, but totally worth it!

Donna Michelle
Good world and community building on another planet

I am never disappointed with Octavia Butler's books and Survivor tops in one of my favorites. Octavia did good world and community building on another planet, and I felt myself immersed in the alien worlds and communities. Octavia should have allowed continued printing of Survivor because Survivor was a good story that explained more of and added to the Patternist series.

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